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Picture (1731) July 1, 1903 - C.E. Potts Drug Co. - Wholesale Druggists - Wichita, Kansas. Condition: Good Plus Billhead measures 8" by 5". There is an area that has darkened. Billhead has a vignette of the Office Building. Part of order is typed, part is hand written. C.E. Potts Drug Co. is mentioned in a Wichita Census report that names two employees of the company in 1892. Price: $6.75 + Shipping.

Picture (1836) February 27, 1909 - Howard Drug Co. - Wholesale and Retail Druggists - White River Junction, VT. Condition: Good Plus Billhead measures 8 1/4" by 7". Billhead has an extensive handwritten list of items sold to Nelson and Wallace. Items included Hydrogen Peroxide, Bay Rum, Doans Pills, Nestles Food and more for a total of $40.21. Leslie Wilson Howard formed the Howard Drug Company in 1895. In 1910 he took his son Leslie Wilson Jr. into the company with him. Mr. Howard was a member of the Brethren Lodge, Free & Accepted Masons. Price: $9.00 + Shipping.

Picture (1926) October 12, 1889 - Dayton's Restorative Compound. - M. M. Dayton, Dr. - Ithaca, NY. Condition: Good Plus Billhead measures 9" by 5". Billhead has interesting script. It states that M.M. Dayton is the sole owner of Dayton's Restorative Compound. The billhead has 3 small splits on the edges. Price: $9.00 + Shipping.

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