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Picture (833) July 18, 1910 - Dennison Manufacturing Co. - South Flamingham, Mass.Condition: Very Good Page has been folded. This is a typed Bill for Napkins (two kinds) and Gum Labels. The Letterhead has a beautiful Vignette done in Blue with interesting Red design drawn through the Street Address and City (Boston). The Picture is one of a Tag which this company manufactures. Dennison Manufacturing began in a Brunswick, Maine Cobbler's shop in 1844. Colonel Dennison's son, a jeweler asked his father to make better jewelry boxes. By 1863 their products included sealing wax, adhesives, shipping tags and gummed labels including a patented reinforced tag which was used by Union Troops to ship supplies during the Civil War. They moved to Framingham in 1897. Because of their success Framingham was nicknamed "Tag Town". Billhead is 1/2 page. Price: $10.00 + shipping

Picture (834) Aug 16, 1906 - L.I. Pendleton & Sons - Manufacturers and Wholesale Jewelers - Boston.Condition: Very Good Page has been folded. This is a handwritten Bill for Collar Buttons, Wizards, and Draw Supporters. Company also handles Cut Glass and Silver Novelties. Billhead measures 9" by 4 1/2". Price: $5.00 + shipping

Picture (1036) February 12, 1921 - Fulton Supply Co. - Atlanta, Georgia Condition: Good Plus Page has been folded. 3/4 of a page measuring 9" by 8". Billhead with typed message. Very Attractive Vignette with an illustration of Robert Fulton in 1907, with the Logo. Left side is a little rough. The Fulton Supply Co. were Mill and Machinery Suppliers. Fulton Supply Company was founded in 1914. INTERESTING NOTE: This bill was sent to The Douglas Coca Cola Bottling Co. in Douglas, Georgia. Price: $7.00 + shipping

Picture (1086) June 1, 1875 - Carpenter, Woodward & Morton - Paint Manufacturers - Boston - Billhead. Condition: Very Good Page has been folded. Interesting Vignette of the company seal at the top of the billhead. Bill measures 8 1/4" by 9 3/4" and lists several items sold. Bill is written by hand. Items sold include sandpaper, blind, sash, paint (various colors), turpentine and much more. Bill totaled $87.97! Writing is very nice and easy to read. This company is listed in the Boston 1865 Directory. Price: $14.00 + shipping.

Picture (1463) April 28, 1881 - S. Huber & Sons - Iron Foundry - Danville, Pennsylvania. Condition: Good Plus S. Huber & Sons was founded by Sam Huber in 1860. This company was noted for its patented plow and also cast a number of iron store fronts used on commercial buildings in Danville. Billhead measures 8 1/2" by 7" and has been folded. Handwritten bill to Knorr & Daniel. Price: $10.00 + shipping

Picture (1464) May 1, 1920 - Topeka Steam Boiler Works - Steam Boilers, etc. - Topeka, Kansas. Condition: Very Good Billhead measures 8 1/2" by 4 1/2" and has been folded. Nice vignette of the factory. Topeka Steam Boiler Works advertised in the Washburn College Yearbook in 1910. Typed bill sent to W. E. Culver in Topeka. Price: $10.00 + shipping

Picture (1736) December 21, 1889 - Thomas Jones' Son, Dr. - New York. Condition: Very Good Billhead measures 8" by 4 1/1". The billhead is hand written and states they manufacture Embossed and Cut Glass. They actually list a phone number for their business! There is a mention of windows that were placed in "The Historic Home of Cereal Heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post" during construction in the 1920's by Thomas Glass Company. Very interesting blue illustrations on the letterhead. Price: $11.00 + shipping

Picture (1737) Circa 1900 - U.S. Pressed Steel Co. - Ypsilanti, Michigan. Condition: Very Good Letterhead measures 8 1/2" by 11" and has been folded. This typed letterhead has wonderful colored pictures of wagon hitches and a stars and bars emblem. Very attractive letterhead with red and blue colors. Price: $9.00 + shipping

Picture (1739) Circa 1910 - Geo. H. Kollanse Co. - Stamford, Connecticut. Condition: Very Good Letterhead measures 8 1/2" by 11" and has been folded. The letter is typed and is a general letter advising customers of the fact that they can repair aluminum castings in their foundry. Included with this letter were three indiviual cards with illustrations of broken equipment and on reverse side pictures of that equipment after repairing. Also compares the cost of buying and repairing. Price: $10.00 + shipping

Picture (1741) February 4, 1918 - The Fairbanks Company - New York. Condition: Very Good Letterhead measures 8 1/2" by 11" and has been folded. This typed letterhead mentions an earlier letter which told about the "Little Helper" hand truck. It states regret about not receiving an order, and says the company is making a mistake. The Fairbanks Company was founded in the 1830's by Thaddeus and Erastus Fairbanks and had three locations in Vermont, Georgia, and New York. Thaddeus originally built a foundry in 1823 to manufacture tow of his inventions - the cast iron plow and a stove. For more information on the History of The Fairbanks Company, please visit Fairbanks Scales Company They are still in operation today. Price: $9.00 + shipping

Picture (1742) April 10, 1911 - The Arras Cream Separator Co. - Bluffton, Ohio. Condition: Very Good Letterhead measures 8 1/2" by 11" and has been folded. This typed letterhead extols the qualities of the Cream Separators. This company was founded in 1901 by William Augsburger and John Fett. In early 1900's they employed fifteen people and were considered an important company in Bluffton. The biography information on William Augsburger states he was a member of the town council, Odd Fellows, and the Modern Woodmen of America. Price: $9.00 + shipping

Picture (1743) June 26, 1897 - William E. Lucas - Manufactures of Paints - Importers of Plate Glass - New York, New York. Condition: Good Plus Billhead measures 8 1/2" by 5 1/2" and has a small corner missing. Beautiful Vignette of the factory. This handwritten bill was sent to the Famous John M. Mossman. Mr. Mossman was a collector of bank and vault locks and had over 370 locks, keys, and tools in his collection dating back to 4000 BC. He donated the collection and his papers (Which were known as the Mossman Papers). In 1928 a book entitled "The Lure of The Lock" was issued. Price: $10.00 + shipping

Picture (1746) May 31, 1887 - James A. Coe & Co. - Iron and Steel - Newark, New Jersey. Condition: Very Good Billhead measures 8 1/2" by 5 1/2" and has been folded. Hand written bill was sent to M. Waltbir Refrigerator Co. For more information about James Coe visit Old Newark Business & Industry Price: $8.00 + shipping

Picture (1864) February 28, 1908 - The Cameron & Barkley Co. - Machinery - Charleston, SC. Condition: Very Good Billhead measures 8 1/2" by 7". Typed bill stated items were shipped to A. L. Calhoun, JR. Very nice vignette. Price: $8.00 + shipping

Picture (1869) Letterhead - August 8, 1896 - Rockford Overalls - Rockford, Illinois. Condition: Very Good Wonderful handwritten letter with decorative script letterhead. Letter was sent to Robert B. Fisk, Esq. in Gettysburg, South Dakota. This letter was to remind Mr. Fisk that a Mr. Cole's rent was due in the Fall and that Mr. Fisk was to collect it. It also said they wanted to sell the property if a purchaser was found. Price: $10.00 + Shipping.

Picture (1870) Letterhead - January 3,1896 - Rockford Overalls - Rockford, Illinois. Condition: Very Good Wonderful handwritten letter with decorative script letterhead. Letter was sent to Robert B. Fisk, Esq. in Covington, Kentucky. This letter also pertains to Mr. Cole and ends by saying he hopes that Mr. Fisk can induce Mr. Cole to pay for the court cases. It is interesting to note that even though the two letters deal with the same person, Mr. Fisk is in two different locations. Price: $10.00 + Shipping.

NOTE: Letters 1869 & 1870 can be purchased together $17.00.

Picture (1883) Billhead - April 18, 1887 - John A Griffiths - Tinning and Galvanizing Works - New York. Condition: Good Billhead measures 8 1/2" by 5 1/2". Handwritten bill was to Malthie Refrigerator Co. There is some darkening. Price: $6.00 + shipping

Picture (1885) Billhead - October 6, 1888 - The Goodyear Rubber Co. - Rubber goods - New York. Condition: Good Billhead measures 8" by 4 1/2". Handwritten bill was to Gauntlett & Brooks. One interesting note: William Stewart Halsted a founding physician of John Hopkins, once asked The Goodyear Rubber Co. to develop thin rubber gloves for his assistant. She was developing a rash on her hands from handling chemicals. He later married her. The company did develope the gloves and soon all the assistants at John Hopkins was using them. There is one inch long split on a fold. Price: $6.00 + shipping

Picture (1904) Letterhead - Circa 1915 - American LaFrance Fire Engine Co. - Elmira, New York. Condition: Good + Letterhead measures 8" by 11". Typed letter sent out about purchasing the "Protection Can" which prevents explosions of explosive liquids such as gasoline, benzine, naptha, etc. They mention enclosed pamphlets about the cans and insurance information. This company states it was founded in 1845. It is one of the oldest manufacturers of Fire related items in America. They built steam powered engines in the early 1900's and in 1907 delivered its first motorized fire engine. Price: $8.00 + shipping

Picture (1925) Billhead - Circa 1915 - Consolidated Mfg. Co. - Hartford, Connecticut. Condition: Very Good + Billhead measures 5 3/4" by 7 1/2". Blank billhead from a company that sold "Sanitary Crystal Glass Ice Cream Freezers" Price: $3.00 + shipping

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