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Picture (120) ADVERTISEMENT: Brownie Kodak - 1954 Colliers - Condition: Good + Color; Full Page. 10 1/2" x 13". Movie Camera. Large drawing of two men playing baseball (one in dress pants and shirt) Camera was $37.50. Shows camera and projector. (Scan does not show complete page). Price: $3.50 + shipping.

Picture (129) ADVERTISEMENT: Admiral Portable Radios-1954 Colliers-Condition: Good + Color; Half Page. 5" x 13". 3 large photos of 3 types of radios, Personal Portable, Deluxe Portable, and Super Deluxe Portable. (Scan does not show complete length). Price: $2.50 + shipping.

Picture (1227) ADVERTISEMENTS: RCA Victor COLOR TV! - 1961 Holiday Magazine - April.-Condition: Very Good - Color. Full Page - 10" x 13 1/2". Large picture of the Color TV with a program. Very excited about the fact that it is a color tv. . (Scan does not cover entire page). Note** Number 1227b is on the back. New York State. Price: $4.00 + shipping.

Picture (1363) ADVERTISEMENT: Bell & Howell. - 1928 National Geographic. - Condition: Very Good B&W; Full Page 6 3/4" x 10". Shows several camera and projector models. Interesting illustration at the top of page. Note** Number 1363b is on the back. Clyde Cruise Line and Oshkosh Trunks. Price: $4.00 + shipping.

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