"April 25, 1862 - The Congressional Globe."

(1902) April 25, 1862 - The Congressional Globe. Condition: Very Good An orinal amazing piece of Civil War History. One year after the firing on Fort Sumpter, 19 days after the battle of Shiloh, and on the day that Flag Officer David Farragut took command of New Orleans...this is what was happening in Congress. This Globe consists of pages 1809 to 1824. These newspapers were numbered continuously. This was issued during the Thirty-Seventh Congress - 2nd Session. It is amazing to read the actual speeches presented in Congress on that day. One speech mentioned the importance of maintaining state governments. The president is addressed directly in this speech with words of caution on the government staying within the limitations of the Constitution. The speech brings into question the intent on confiscating all property of those in the South, and states how is that to be done without trials by a jury stating these people have committed crimes. This speech centers around the idea of legistlating for the people of the South and treating them as members of the US. This speech was made by Senator Jacob Collamer (Vermont) as part of a debate between he and Senator John Sherman (Ohio). The debate talks about who owns slaves and who would be considered criminals in the eyes of the law (soldiers fighting the north). This was all in debate about an ammendment presented by the Senator from Ohio as from whom the government can confiscate property (from Southern Poplulations). After the debate there was a vote. It is amazing to read their exact words during this debate. For more information on Senator Jacob Collamer please visit: Senator Jacob Callamer. For more information on Senator John Sherman please visit: Senator John Sherman. Other bills are then discussed. Price: $25.00 + shipping

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