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19th and Early 20th Century!

Picture (524)1926 - Western Divorce Decree - Denver, Colorado.-Condition: Very Good. Legal sized paper folded twice into document size. Typed and with a handwritten signature from Judge Luxford. This Decree was issued on July 16, 1926. Plaintiff was Augusta H. Barnett and defendent was Simon Barnett. The divorce was given to the plaintiff. A strange quote from Judge Luxford was found in the Kane Republican Newspaper. He was quoted as saying "He didn't believe in women who paint their faces. Anyway not middle sired women!" That same quote was also found in other newspapers. Evidently he said it in court. G. A. Luxford later became a Justice of the Colorado Supreme Court. He was a Freemason. $8.00 + shipping.

Picture (525)1918 - Western Cemetery Deed - Denver, Colorado.-Condition: Very Good. Legal sized paper folded twice into document size. This Warranty Deed was issued by The Fairmont Cemetery Association to Augusta H. Oak. Deed was actually written and issued in 1918. It was filed in 1925. The Fairmont Cemetery is Colorao's most populous cemetery, and is known for its beautiful gardens and sculptures. It was designed to be less mournful than the traditional cemetery. German architect Reihhard Schuetze was hired in 1890 to design the Fairmont. He planted more than 4,000 trees. A sculpture tour is recommended and there is a tour booklet available. Price: $10.00 + shipping.

Picture (538) 1909-1910 Receipt Book - Rockwell Estate.-Condition: Very Good. This book holds stubs and receipts written from the Rockwell Estate. Some of them mention paying the Pastor, legal advice, and other services. Each Receipt has a very nice illustration on the left end. One has been torn out and is loose, the others that are there are still attached. The Receipt Book measures 8 1/2" by 3". Price: $7.00 + shipping.

Picture (541) 1920 Receipt Book - Rockwell Estate.-Condition: Good-.Book has many stubs and some written receipts still intact. Receipts have a nice illustration on left side. Receipts are for various things including Dowry Money! Receipt Book measures 8 1/2" by 2 3/4". Cover is black cardboard with cloth binding. Price: $6.00 + shipping.

Picture (616) 1853 Receipt - Handwritten.- Condition: Very Good This Tax Receipt was made out to William Watson. This seems to be a receipt given to Mr. Watson for services done for him (recording 2 deeds). The amount is $2.45. The receipt measures 6 3/4" by 2". Price: $8.00 + shipping.

Picture (618) 1855 Receipt - Handwritten.- Condition: Very Good This receipt also has Wm Watson's name on it. It seems to be a receipt for filing of some type of docketting? document. Receipt measures 6" by 2". Price: $8.00 + shipping.

PicturePicture (981) 1888 - Desk Remembrancer - Daily Diary. - Condition: Very Good This wonderful Desk Remembrancer from W. G. Hitchcock & Co. is a wonderful oversized daily notation book for the year of 1888. The cover has an image of the Hitchcock Building in New York. The inside pages are divided into days, with full page illustrated ads interspersed between the months. There are notations made by Blanche (owner of the book) up to August. Many of the notations deal with school, trips to New York, and interestingly the design and planting of her garden. On the back of one page she has done a complete drawing of where the walks, planting beds etc. are going. Many of the notations deal with the type of plants she was adding to the garden. A really interesting look into the 1880's. All of the pages are intact, with just the back cover missing. The front cover is attached. The Remembrancer measures 5 1/4" by 8 3/4". Price: Sold+ Free Shipping.

Picture (1598) Receipt - June 1, 1903 - C. E. Rand Company - Co-operative Racing Stable and Turf Enterprises - New York, New York. Condition: Good Plus Receipt measures 8 1/4" by 4" and has been folded. Some foxing on right border. Unusual Ephemera from a Racing Stable Enterprises located at 32 Broadway! Evidently it was a co-op where members invested in races and were paid back from overall winnings. Has a written agreement printed on the receipt. It was signed by C.E. Rand (owner). Price: $10.00 + shipping

PicturePicture (1599) February 27, 1910 - The Corn Exchange - Official Inspection Certificate - Buffalo, New York. Condition: Very Good Certificate measures 8 1/2" by 4 1/4". Seems to be given after inspecting a load of White Oats on railroad car number 802. Stamped signature of the Chief Inspector Alfred Anderson. The Corn Exchange began around 1845 and closed it's doors in 1996. In the early 1900's it had fifteen inspectors and would average around 4,500 inspections a month. In 1908, Alfred Anderson was in the local newspaper...for having sold some pigs to Wm Clausen!

Picture (1606) June 6, 1890 - Deposit Receipt - The Anglo-Californian Bank - San Francisco, CA. Condition: Very Good Receipt measures 8" by 4" and is printed and handwritten. It was for the amount of 1,000 Dollars. This was deposited byt the California & Nevada Creamery Co. The Anglo- Californian Bank began in 1867-1868 as the J. & W. Sligman & Co. merchants and bankers in San Francisco. Their head office was in New York. In 1873, it incorporated as the Ango-Californian Bank with a capital of 300,00 pounds sterling, financed by British Concerns. Price: $12.00 + shipping

Picture (1720) May 21, 1903 - Official Payment Request - City of Great Falls, Montana. Condition: Very Good Document measures 8" by 7" (unfolded). Was an official request for the city to pay $7.10 to C. W. Suraringer for the use of a horse (by the city). In 1903 the Second Library (Cargegie) was built and the new Copper-Domed Cascade County Courthouse was completed in Great Falls. At this time, Brewers were earning $3.50 a day; smeltermen were taking home between $3.00 to $4.50 a day and a cook got $1.25 and all (s)he could eat. Great Falls was still considered a new city. The Famous Artist C.M. Russell opened his studio in Great Falls during this year. His log cabin can still be seen at the C. M. Museum. Price: $10.00 + shipping

Picture (1721) May, 1906 (and April 19) - Official Payment Request - City of Great Falls, Montana. Condition: Very Good Document measures 8" by 7" (unfolded). Was an official request for the city to pay $52.00 to J. A. Dennison for services to the city. It looks like he painted a house in the city park. There are two dates on the document. One is April of 1903 the other is May of 1906. In 1906 the Great Falls Amusement Park opened and a light rail line was built from Georgetown to Great Falls. St Ann's Cathedral was constructed during that year, and Great Falls men won the Montana Football Champaionship! Price: $10.00 + shipping

Picture (1775) October 8, 1880 - List of Clothes that were handmade - Mrs. F. D. Osgood - Boston. Condition: Very Good The wonderful document measures 8" by 13 1/2" and has been folded. There is a long handwritten list of several clothes items evidently made by Mrs. Osgood with prices. They include a Velvet Brocate Polonaise, waist and sleeve lining, trim front of black silk skirt, blue silk dress, plus all of the information about linings, ribbons etc. It is a wonderful look into the fashion of the 1880's. There are wrinkles in the paper. Mrs. Osgood's husband was a retailer of Furniture, Carpets, Ranges, and Paper Hangings. The bottom right corner has been wrinkled. Mr. Osgood's wife was a seamstress. To see a billhead from his business visit: Item Number 1777 Price: $15.00 + shipping

Picture (1789) April 20, 1820 - Hand Written Letter to a Lawyer. Condition: Good Plus Letter measures 8 1/2" by 13". This letter has to do with a past case in which the writer was involved. He is not happy that the lawyer has not responed to previous letters for the last year. He states he has been seeking legal advice from Jurors in New York (Attica) and feels that there should be a favorable result for him....having to do with $2,000. Price: $18.00 + shipping

Picture (1865) February 2, 1919 - Citation - Cayuga Surrogate's Court - New York. Condition: Very Good Citation measures 8 1/2" by 13 1/2". The citation was presented to a large list of relatives of George Bruce by Silas W. Wright. It was in reference to the last will and testament of Mr. Bruce. This paper is marked as a copy. Note: part of the citation was not scanned. This part contains the names of the Attorney for the Pettioner (M. F. Millard) and the Clerk of the Court (James F. Rich) Price: $10.00 + shipping

Picture (1866) June 9, 1923 - Official Payment Request - City of Great Falls, Montana. Condition: Very Good Document measures 8" by 7" (unfolded). Was an official request for the city to pay $108.00 to H. Earl Clack Co. for Hi - Power gasoline used by the city. HI-POWER gasoline was a product of the H Earl Clack distributor in Havre that began in about 1919. Clack was a distributor who stayed in business until 1954, expanding to some 200 stations in 4 states before selling to Husky Oil, a Wyoming company. He had other brands as well. Price: $8.00 + shipping

Picture (1902) April 25, 1862 - The Congressional Globe. Condition: Very Good An orinal amazing piece of Civil War History. One year after the firing on Fort Sumpter, 19 days after the battle of Shiloh, and on the day that Flag Officer David Farragut took command of New Orleans...this is what was happening in Congress. This Globe consists of pages 1809 to 1824. These newspapers were numbered continuously. This was issued during the Thirty-Seventh Congress - 2nd Session. It is amazing to read the actual speeches presented in Congress on that day. One speech mentioned the importance of maintaining state governments. The president is addressed directly in this speech with words of caution on the government staying within the limitations of the Constitution. The speech brings into question the intent on confiscating all property of those in the South, and states how is that to be done without trials by a jury stating these people have committed crimes. This speech centers around the idea of legistlating for the people of the South and treating them as members of the US. This speech was made by Senator Jacob Collamer (Vermont) as part of a debate between he and Senator John Sherman (Ohio). The debate talks about who owns slaves and who would be considered criminals in the eyes of the law (soldiers fighting the north). This was all in debate about an ammendment presented by the Senator from Ohio as from whom the government can confiscate property (from Southern Poplulations). After the debate there was a vote. It is amazing to read their exact words during this debate. For more information on Senator Jacob Collamer please visit: Senator Jacob Callamer. For more information on Senator John Sherman please visit: Senator John Sherman. Other bills are then discussed. Price: $25.00 + shipping

Picture (1975) January 21, 1854 - A request from Lycoming County to the Sheriff. Condition: Very Good Document measures 7 1/2" by 6" (unfolded). This was a demand that the sheriff that he complete a task which involved a man named Charles Burrows who evidently was in debt for the sum of $172.75. As far as I can tell, the sheriff was responsible for getting this gentleman to court. Other names on the document were Wilson and McClintock. The paper was signed by a Mr. Green who was the Prothonotary. (Chief Clerk of the Court). There is another signature that I cannot read. On the back it mentions this debt for the use of George ______. Charles Burrows is buried at Pennsdale Cemetery Lewis Township, Lycoming Co., PA. Price: $10.00 + shipping

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