"1888 - Desk Remembrancer - Daily Diary"

Picture (981) 1888 - Desk Remembrancer - Daily Diary - Condition: Very Good This wonderful Desk Remembrancer from W. G. Hitchcock & Co. is a wonderful oversized daily notation book for the year of 1888. The cover has an image of the Hitchcock Building in New York. The inside pages are divided into days, with full page illustrated ads interspersed between the months. There are notations made by Blanche (owner of the book) up to August. Many of the notations deal with school, trips to New York, and interestingly the design and planting of her garden. On the back of one page she has done a complete drawing of where the walks, planting beds etc. are going. Many of the notations deal with the type of plants she was adding to the garden. A really interesting look into the 1880's. All of the pages are intact, with just the back cover missing. The front cover is attached. The Remembrancer measures 5 1/4" by 8 3/4". Price: Sold + Free Shipping.

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