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Picture(18) MAGAZINE ILLUSTRATION: Full Page Illustration from Colliers Weekly-Condition: Good+ Some yellowing on bottom corner.- Date 1897. Picture of girl in cap & gown, facing group of men. Entitled "Refusal of the University of Caimbridge to Give Degrees to Women." Double matted, ready for framing. Price: $28.00 + shipping.

Picture(302) 1911 Labor Union Benefit Application. Bethlehem Aerie No. 284, Bethlehem, PA.-Condition: Good+ Folded to fit envelope with one 1/4" tear on top fold. This form is a printed application for sick benefits with the Labor Union (Aerie). The blanks are filled in by hand. This was for a Harry Shipp. It states the date it started and other info. Interesting Eary Labor Document.Price: $6.00 + shipping.

Picture(377) 1880 School Tax Receipt - Union Free School District No. 2, Rondout, NY.-Condition: Very Good Rough edge where it was evidently torn out of a receipt book (very small piece of corner missing). Two Creases. Very nice looking receipt. The amount of taxes for the year of 1880 were $5.37! It was written on Dec. 6th. Receipt measures 7 1/2" by 3". Price: $8.00 + shipping

Picture (499) 1897 to 1922 Referee's Deed - Mortgage Case - Ontario County. -Condition: Very Good. Document has darkened a little. Inside looks very good. This is a legal document that folds out to measure 8 1/4" by 13". On the outside of when folded it is Titled : Referee's Deed in Mortgage Case. Dwight B. Backenstose as Referee to William D. Bailey. It was signed on June 13, 1922 in NY. The first page when unfolded is entitled: This Indenture. The information filled in on this page was done on October 8, 1897. It mentions an action pending in court with Mary N Rice? (Members of the Rice family are noted in the 1790 Census for Ontario County, NY.)Plaintiff against ?P Venning and several other people. All of this is hand written into the blanks. When that page is lifted up, there is a handwritten description of property involved and includes a cemetary as part of the boundary of the property. Dwight B. Backenstose, Geneva, son of Frederick T. and Leah (Kipp) Backenstose, was born in Benton, Yates county, December 24, 1846. He attended the public schools of Geneva, and in 1868 graduated from the law department of the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, and practiced his profession there since that time. He was one of the leading lawyers of Ontario county, and was elected member of assembly in 1877. He was a Republican, and took an active part in political affairs. In 1876 he married Lillie C., daughter of Arthur W. Foote, of Brooklyn, N. Y. Price: $On Auction + Shipping.

Picture(500) 1887 Inventory of Real and Personal Estate. -Condition: Very Good. Outside has darkening at folds. Inside clean. This is a legal document that opens up to measure 8 1/4" by 13". It is the inventory for Warren H. Flanders in Plymouth, Vermont. This gentlman seems to have owned 1 acre valued at $200. Note: Calvin Coolidge who was born in Plymouth, Vermont in 1872 was only 15 at the time of this Inventory. President Coolidge was also buried in Plymouth. Price: $14.00 + shipping.

Picture (996) 1927 - Wachusett Co-operative Bank of Clinton, MA - Semi Annual Statement. - Condition: Very Good Semi Annual statement sent to customers of this Historic Clinton, MA Bank. The report included Names of the Officers, Attorney, and Directors. Also included in the report was a tally of the assets, stock information and home loan information. There is a wonderful illustration with the home loan information. This statement is one sheet folded book style, and then folded again to fit an envelope. The sheet measures 11" by 6 3/4" when opened. Price: $6.00 + Shipping.

Picture (1110) 1892 to 1905 - Redemption Receipt and Certificate - Florida - Printed and Hand written - Condition: Very Good This redemption certificate has the pressed seal of the Circuit Court of Lake County (in Central Florida). This was a receipt for the purchase of property by paying the taxes owed on the property. Wonderful Early Florida Ephemera. Eustis Meadows is the location of the property. Eustis Meadows is currently listed as a Ghost Town on an internet site. On Auction.

PicturePicture (1159) Circa 1868 - Objections To A License Law - National Temperance Society - Condition: Good Plus This pamphlet was distributed by the National Temperance Society (Organized by James Black in 1865). It contains four pages of listed objections to a License Law for Liquor. It starts by stating "...that traffic in strong drink is an evil, and that it is wrong to license an evil." Continues to present reasons why there should not be a liquor license law. Pamphlet has rough outer edges, but is intact. This pamphlet is #6. and was written by Rev. Wm. M. Thayer. There is a record of Rev. Wm. M. Thayer attending a Funeral in Bellingham on January 21, 1859. The funeral was for a young man who shot a girl friend because she rejected him, and then committed suicide. Also mentioned as preaching in Franklin, MA.

Picture (1182) August 29, 1905 - Check - Lakewood Trust Co. - Condition: Very Good Check was from the Lakewood Trust Co. in Lakewood, New Jersey. It was written from the Estate of Mary E. Thompson in the amount of $3.61. The check has a very attractive vignette in the center. It measures 6 1/2" by 2 1/2". Price: $3.00 + Shipping.

PicturePicture (1183) November, 1868 - Circular - Railroad Tax - JAS. Thompson - Hampton, Iowa. - Condition: Very Good This circular was distributed by JAS. Thompson. It is one page long and discusses the high taxes for the current year. It explains that the General Assembly of the State of Iowa passed a law empowering townships, cities or towns through which a Railroad is or may be built, to levy a Tax not exceed five percent of the valuation of the taxable property of the same for the purpose of aiding in the building of said Railroad. The circular then discusses the new Railroad Company and its plans to build a railroad from Ackley, Hampton, Mason City and Northwood, to Intersect with a Railroad in Minnesota. The rest of the circular discusses the progress of the Railroad and more explanation of the Tax involved. It has been folded to fit an envelope. Page measures 4 1/2" by 8 1/2".

Picture (1184) November 1, 1880 - Circular - Stearns, King & Co. - Hampton, Iowa. - Condition: Very Good This circular was distributed by Stearns, King & Co. It is one page long and mentions another inclosed circular. There is a statement that says as there has been no assessment made since the date of the circular, nothing more was accomplished since the experiment. The lands will be re-assessed after the 1st of January, 1881. Will correspond with those who wish to have their taxes reduced. It has been folded to fit an envelope. Page measures 5 1/2" by 8 1/2". Price: $10.00 + Shipping.

Picture (1185) November 15, 1879 - Tax Statement - Stearns, King & Co. - Hampton, Iowa. - Condition: Very Good This tax statement was distributed by Stearns, King & Co, which were Real Estate Brokers & Abstracters. It is one page long and was sent to Miss Kimmitt and Ambler. It lists two properties and the amount of tax due. The total tax bill came to $32.29. There is a handwritten comment on the bottom of the page that states there is a $9.02 mistake in the balance sent on Dec. 13, 1879. It has been folded to fit an envelope. Page measures 8 1/2" by 9 1/2". Price: $On Auction + Shipping.

Picture (1186) December 16, 1870 - Tax Statement - Treasurer's Office - Franklin County, Iowa. - Condition: Very Good This tax receipt was given for money collected for Sp. Co. (special county tax?) and a bridge tax. The total collected was $24.40. There is also a handwritten letter attached to the receipt. The business letter is from Davidson & Co., Real Estate and Collection Agency. The letter mentions funds enclosed and a mistake on a previous letter. It has been folded to fit an envelope. Letter measures 8" by 9 1/2" and attached receipt measures 7" by 5". Price: $14.00 + Shipping.

Picture (1279) 1850 to 1853 - Large Handwritten Information on Legal Services Rendered - Lycoming County, Pennsylvania. - Condition: Good Plus Beautifully written. Names included on page are John Thompson, Samuel Carothers, Isaac Thompson, John Weir, R. Mahaffey. Lists in detail services and price of each service. Bill amounted to $369.39 and was paid in full. Back of page is another record for Ludwig Kneedler and John H. Chadwick. Also lists services and prices. Samuel Carothers was one of the Innkeepers of an Old Stone House built in 1840 in Lycoming County. He was also elected as Coroner in 1837. He married Martha Murphy on January 28, 1835. . On Auction

Picture (1280) 1850 to 1851 - Large Handwritten Information on Legal Services Rendered - Lycoming County, Pennsylvania. - Condition: Good Plus Beautifully written. Names included on page are John Maynard, George White, George Wilhelm, Hannah Wilhelm, C. Newcomer.. Lists in detail services and price of each service. Bill amounted to $127.88 and evidently was not paid in full. Back of page is another record for David Clark and Thomas Chadwick. Also lists services and prices. John Maynard was a Judge in Lycoming County, who in later years presented the Trinity Epixcopal Church, a set of Cambridge Chimes, the first time these chimes were introduced in the US. (1871). There is a George White listed as President of The Savings Institution of the City of Williamsport in 1867. He also was an attorney for the commissioners of Lycoming County. He was married on April 10, 1851 to Annie Elizabeth Parker. He died on December 31, 1867. Price: $16.00 + Shipping.

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