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PicturePicture (1152) United Mine Workers ByLaws - 1943 - Receipt Card for Dues - 1950 - Fork Ridge, Tennessee. Condition: Very Good The By-Laws booklet is for Local Union No. 1578. It has tissue papers at the beginning and end of the six pages. Some of the by-laws include: A fine of 50 cents for anyone using profane language in the Hall, any brother attending the hall drunk shall be fined 50 cents, smoking or spitting on the floor is a 50 cent fine, plus many more interesting by-laws. Fork Ridge was settled in 1890 when the Fork Ridge Coal & Coke Company opened a mine in the section. In 1890, various minerís unions joined to form the United Mine Workers of America and designated District #19 as the district that included eastern Tennessee and southeastern Kentucky. The Booklet measures 3 1/2" by 6". The Payment receipt card opens and completed for all of the months of the year 1950. The Card is for Sam Mullins. The financial secretary was James Combs. the card measures 7" by 5 1/2" (when opened).

Picture (1153) Independent Order of Odd Fellows By-Laws - July, 1927 - Vernon, New York. Condition: Excellent The By-Laws booklet is for the Vernon Lodge Number 11. It has thirteen pages. Some of the by-laws include: Meeting times, Officers' duties, Trustees, Committees, Membership, Fees, Benefits, Funds, Elections, and more. The Booklet measures 3" by 4 3/4". Price: $6.00 + shipping.

Picture (1171) Vintage Rice Paper Napkins. Condition: Very Good Beautiful and delicate Rice Paper Napkins. White background with beautiful oriental art work. Scene of mountains, lake and trees done in pastel colors. There are two napkins available. Price: $3.00 each + shipping.

Picture (1172) Vintage Rice Paper Napkins. Condition: Very Good Beautiful and delicate Rice Paper Napkins. Orange background with beautiful oriental art work. Fall theme with tree branches and leaves of various colors. There are two napkins available. Price: $3.00 each + shipping.

Picture (1180) Glover Sports Shirt - Salesman Sample Ad Card - Circa 1930. Condition: Good Plus Tri Fold Ad card with window showing a sports shirt. This was sent to various stores to demonstrate how a full sized window display box would look. There is an explanation to store owners inside the fold. When opened there is also an illustration of a late 20's or early 30's golfer taking a swing, and a description of the sports shirt. The card measures 9" by 6" when opened. Price: $5.00 + shipping.

Picture (1187) The Book of Presidents - 1959. Condition: Very Good Interesting Patriotic Booklet that lists all of the presidents through Eisenhower. There are small black and white portraits and photos of each president, with special facts about each presidency. Also includes information about the Presidency, Supreme Court, Electoral Vote, voting statistics by state in 1948 and 1956, plus much more. Glass stain on back page. Very interesting historical look at voting in America. Booklet measures 4 1/4" by 6 1/4" and has 24 pages. Price: $4.00 + shipping.

Picture (1238) MAGAZINE COVER - BY: David Stone Martin - 1961 Holiday Magazine - April.-Condition: Very Good - Color. Full Page - 10 1/2" x 13 1/2". Beautiful Illustration by the famous David Stone Martin. The illustration represents aspects of San Francisco. For more information on David Stone Martin please visit: David Stone Martin. There is a small pin hole at the bottom of the page. There is a printed signature of the artist below the illustration. NOTE: Scan does not show complete page. Price: $14.00 + shipping.

Picture (1321) TELEGRAM - March 18, 1918 - Macon, Georgia - Condition: Good- Telegram was sent by a J. B. Stewart to S. C. Clements. Message reads: Ross out of city having papers drawn take to him at roberter send same at once to you. Price: $4.00 + shipping.

Picture (1322) TELEGRAM - March 20, 1918 - Macon, Georgia - Condition: Good- Telegram was sent by a J. B. Stewart to S. C. Clements. Message reads: Governor Dorsey signed papers today sent same to you take them to the governor of NJ he says will save several days delay gone to lots of expense to get things through quick as possible you have full power to act as my sheriff and attorney. Visit the following sites for more informaton on Georgia's Governor Hugh Mason Dorsey: Hugh Mason Dorsey Price: $4.00 + shipping.

***NOTE*** The two telegrams above are in reference to the same situation. They can be purchased together for a total of $7.00 + shipping.

PicturePicture (1577) Erie County (Ohio) Rural Directory - 1940, 1941. - Condition: Good Plus Rural Directoy listing businesses and citizens. Amount of property owned by each citizen is also listed and is divided acording to the town and rural route within Erie County. Directory is full of wonderful local ads. Book is stapled with paper cover. Cover is rough, but pages are in good condition. Directory measures 6" by 8 3/4" and has 40 pages.

Picture (1655) Nesbitt's Drinks - Bottle Hanger - C. 1960's to 1970's. - Condition: Very Good Cute Nesbitt Monster that was used in the advertising promotion for Nesbitt's Drinks. Says "Try the monstrously delicious taste of Nesbitt's". This was meant to hang off of a bottle in a six pack of drinks. Nesbitt's was founded in 1924, and produced syrups to be added to soda drinks. Nesbitt's Orange Drink had 10% California Juice. Nesbitt Fruit Products was sold to Clorox in 1972. Has one crease on right side. Measures 5 1/2" by 9". Price: $6.00 + shipping.

PicturePicture (1669) American Radio Relay League - 1925 - National Convention Booklet. - Condition: Very Good Wonderful booklet covering the events of the National Convention. Cover has photo of the Edgewater Beach Hotel Headquarters in Chicago where the convention was held. The Convention was under the administration of the Chicago Radio Traffic Association. The booklet contains wonderful vintage ads for radios and equipment, an overview of the Radio Traffic Association, a Request for Parody Songs, listing of the Convention Committee Members, General information about the convention including price of rooms (Singles were $5.00 per day), Seeing Chicago, License Examinations, and programs for each of the four days. This is a great look back at the height of the Radio Days!

Picture (1725) Tickets - Grand Drawing - For a Standard Radio Set - Fountain Hill Befeficial Society - June 12, 1926. - Condition: Very Good Three tickets for the Radio Set which were for an evening with dancing and entertainment in Fountain Hill, PA. The tickets were obtained with a donation of ten cents. The ticket numbers were: 4348, 4350, and 4356. Wonder if they won the Radio Set? Each ticket measures 3 1/4" by 2". Price includes all three tickets. Price: $5.00 + shipping.

Picture (1727) Salary Advance Requests - Worcester County Sanatorium - March 7, 14, and 21, 1933 - For Harrison Rugg. - Condition: Very Good Four requests stapled together. Each request states that Harrison Rugg, who was an Engineer at the power plant for the Sanatorium with a salary rate of $140.00, requested and advance of $12.00 to $30.00 each week. Each request measures 8" by 3 1/2" and are stapled in the upper left corner. Price includes all four requests. Price: $12.00 + shipping.

Picture (1754) The Juvenile Magazine - From O.A. Hale & Company - August 1924. - Condition: Very Good This children's magazine was given out by the O.A. Hale & Company in California. The magazine contains little stories that all deal with items that are sold in their stores, many illustrations, an activity for children to do (A Fresh Water Aquarium), Doings in Doodletown (Cartoon by F. C. Collinge), science information, poems, a longer fiction story with illustrations, and games. The O. A. Hale Company was founded in San Jose, California in 1876 by Mr. Hale. The store expanded to 4 locations by 1888. For more information on O.A. Hale & Company visit the following site: O. A. Hale The magazine has been folded. It measures 8" by 7 1/2" and has 11 pages. Price: On Auction + shipping.

Picture (1768) Student's Guide to Efficient Study - By Luella Cole, Ph.D and Jessie Mary Ferguson, Ph.D - 1949 - Third Edition - Booklet. - Condition: Good Plus A wonderful study guide that was originally printed in 1945. Contents incude How Study Habits were analyzed, Planning, Concentrating, Reading and Studying, Problem Solving, Taking Notes, etc. Dr. Cole also authored a text book entitled Psychology of Adolexcence in 1936. She regarded adolescence as a "new phenomenon and particular to our civilization". The cover has some foxing and is loose, but the inside pages are in very good condition. It measures 6" by 9" and has 70 pages. Price: $8.00 + shipping.

Picture (1769) Tennessee Blue Book - Special Edition for Young Readers - 1965 - 1966 - Booklet. - Condition: Very Good This book covers everthing about the state of Tennessee in 1965. First page has a picture of Frank G. Clement (Governor) with a letter written by him on the facing page. There are pictures and bios of all the office holders at that time. The book is full of black and white photos. It is a wonderful look at Tennessee in the 60's. It measures 6" by 9" and has 116 pages. Price: $8.00 + shipping.

Picture (1898) Stock - Issued by Nuclear Research Associates, Inc. - November 22, 1966. - Condition: Very Good This beautiful stock has a majestic eagle vignette with a decorative border. It was printed by the American Bank Note Company and bears the printed signatures of the Secretary and President of the Research Associates. A beautiful historical document. The stock was issued to H. Hentz & Co. Stock measures 11 3/4" by 7 3/4". ++ Note ++ Scan does not show left side of stock which has the same border as the right side. Price: $18.00 + shipping.

Picture (1900) Warranty Deed - June 10, 1921 - Orange County, Florida. - Condition: Good Plus A rare piece of ephemera from the Orlando, Florida area. This deed was for the sale of a lot in Hawley's Subdivision. The property was purchased for $10.00 and other valuable considerations! The property was passing from O.A. and Eula Mae Stringer to Lou Vorble. There is a handwritten note on the deed stating it was "Exhibit A" it may have been involved in a court case. Price: On Auction + shipping.

Picture (1901) Booklet - Paper Finds Many New Uses - 1931 - Irene Gibson Barnes. - Condition: Very Good A wonderful little booklet discussing the amazing uses of the "new paper" available to housewives. The new "rag" paper is discussed along with parchment, waxed, shelf liners etc. There are sections that show how to cook, bake and do many other household projects with this wonderful new paper! The booklet measures 4/3 by 6 3/4. Price: $10.00 + shipping.

Picture (1939) Booklet - Health Heroes - Louis Pasteur - 1925. - Condition: Very Good This booklet was distributed by th Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. It was written by Grace T. Hallock and C. E. Turner. It is the history and life of Louis Pasteur. The booklet measures 5 1/4" by 7 1/2" and has 32 pages. Back cover has some foxing. Price: $10.00 + shipping.

Picture (1949) Booklet - Artichoke Joe's No Limit Rulebook - Circa 1990. - Condition: Excellent This booklet explains all of the betting rules in great detail. Artichoke Joe's started in 1916 as a one room pool hall. The current name was adopted in 1921. Joseph Sammut opened his pool parlor and phone exchange in Al LoReaux's former plumbing shop. The booklet measures 4 1/2" by 5" and has 20 pages. It could be mailed. Price: $10.00 + shipping.

PicturePicture (1965) Moxie Company: This Book About Substitution Law. - Condition: Excellent This booklet was developed by the Moxie Company to show many examples of court cases. In these cases Moxie was suing other soda companies that were too similar to the Moxie Soda and stores that would refill Moxie bottles with another soda.. It is a wonderful historic look back on Moxie and other soda companies. Many of the lawsuits took place between 1905 and 1910. The book has 62 pages, with many pictures and photos. Between 1885 and 1889, Moxie Nerve Food was invented and patented. It was the first bottled carbonated drink in America. It was developed as a cure all to health complaints. Basically the drink was only popular in the NE. In 1905 the company had a fleet of Ramblers and Stanley Steamers to use for distribution. In the 1920's they out sold Coca Cola. In 1923: Calvin Coolidge celebrated his inauguration by drinking a Moxie Cola.

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