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Older Individual Letters

Picture (1509) December 18, 1930 - Chicago, Illinois. -Condition: Very Good Handwritten letter to Cousin Rockton from Grace Morf. Apologizes for not being able to meet him and his wife. Explains staying in car at Rosehill because of the cold. Goes on to describe health and passing of father. Then details the fact that many people have told about his influence in their lives. Thanks the cousin for the flowers. Folded letter with 3 sides in writing. Measures 6 1/2" by 10" (unfolded) Price: $9.00 + shipping.

Picture (1653) January 31, 1913 - From Reid Hill Alta. -Condition: Very Good Handwritten letter sent to Miss Lilla E. Green in Portland, Oregon. Letter has two pages and was written by a cousin of Miss Green's (Sarah Green). Sarah Green says she has enclosed a small gift, and thanks Lilla for taking good care of George while he was visiting there. Also mentions that everyone including her has The Gripp! Goes into some detail of how she is feeling. Closes by saying must fix dinner and get the letter to the post office. Page measures 5" by 8". The envelope is in rough condition, but the letter itself is in excellent condition. Price: $10.00 + shipping.

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