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Articles from the late 1800's to mid 1900's. Wonderful research tools for essays, dissertations, or school reports. Original Articles - Not Reprinted.

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(813) Archives #3 - The American Magazine - April, 1908.

Picture(813)(3a) Humor Mr. Dooley On The Temperance Wave - By: F.P. Dunne - Cartoons By: John T. McCutcheon-Condition: Very Good Wonderful humorous article as told by "Mr. Dooley" on his reaction to the "prohy-bitionists"! Sections in the article include: The New Kentucky Hospitality, King Alcohol and His Subjects, Popular Drinks in Prohibition States, A Colonel's Untimely End, The ominous Size of the Wave, A Secret of the Trade, What Drink Does For a Man. Outstanding cartoons drawn by the famous John T. McCutcheon (who also did humorous postcards see Postcards Item # 809 - Us Postcards) Postcards. Mr. Dooley was a well known character with opinions on many subjects.
Price: $On Auction + shipping.

(818) Archives #4 - The American Magazine - April, 1908.

Picture(818)(4a) Fiction Midway O' The Hill - By: A.E. Thomas. Illustrated By: Jay Hambridge (developer of the then popular theory of "dyanim symmetry" - Condition: Very Good A story of jealousy between two men and one woman. Story is told in narrative form through a Storekeeper in the small town that it took place. Dialect is regional. (8 pages)

Picture(818)(4b) Non Fiction William J. Burns, Intriguer - By: Lincoln Steffens Baker ( Actually two authors). To find out more about Both Authors go to : Ray Baker and Lincoln Steffens Illustrated with Photos and portrait drawings. -Condition: Very Good The story about the hardest case of one of the most famous detectives of his time, called the Intriguer. Great photos of those involved with the case which includes a Graft Investigation of several politicians. Sections of article include: King Schmitz (Mayor) and His Court, Burns Spins His Web, Plot, Check, Roy's Bold Bluff, Burns Caught Red-handed, Negotiating in the Dark, A Secret Treasure Box, and Putting Chestnuts in the Fire.(11 pages)

(818)(4c)Non Fiction The Case Against Mars - By: Harold Jacoby - Professor of Astronomy at Columbia University.- Condition: Very Good Discusses the network markings on mars and wether or not they indicate intelligent life on Mars. Mentions that the photographs they have currently are the size of a pin head! Then discusses the disadvantages of enlarging the picture. Interesting conclusion to the debate is presented. (2 pages)

Price: $5.00 + shipping. (Price includes all three articles)

(849) Archives #7 - The American Magazine - April, 1908.

(849)(7a)Non Fiction In The Interpreter's House- Condition: Very Good Interesting opinions and ideas of the Temperance Movement. Described when the author noticed the movement coming, mentions objections to alchohol ads (compares them to the dagerous automobile and their ads!). Sub Headings include: The Unpopularity of the Gin-Mill, The excesses of Poets and Prohibitionists, Teetotalers and Moderate Drinkers, The Search Through History for an Excuse, Seconds of Fun and Hours of Desolation, Reaction Worse than Drunkenness, Drunkards and Drug Fiends, Alcohol and Enemy of the Race. This is really a great chance to read the observations and opinions of someone who lived during the upward trend of the Temperance Movement. (4 pages) Price: $4.50 + shipping.

Picture (1004) National Geographic - 1988 - Supplement Map - Endangered Earth- Condition: Excellent. A wonderful Map that folds out to 45" by 28". One side has smaller maps of different areas of the globe, showing different important eras ( Ice Age, Greenhouse Effect, Etc). There is also a great deal of written imformation on this side. The other side of this wonderful supplement, has a full sized World Map. This would be a wonderful addition to any Classroom studying Ecology, or for an individual report. Price: $6.00 + shipping. NOTE: Also listed under Maps - Sale 5.

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