"Mr. Dooley On The Temperance Wave - Cartoons By: John T. McCutcheon - American Magazine - April, 1908."

(813)(1) Humor Mr. Dooley On The Temperance Wave - By: F.P. Dunne - Cartoons By: John T. McCutcheon-Condition: Very Good Wonderful humorous article as told by "Mr. Dooley" on his reaction to the "prohy-bitionists"! Sections in the article include: The New Kentucky Hospitality, King Alcohol and His Subjects, Popular Drinks in Prohibition States, A Colonel's Untimely End, The ominous Size of the Wave, A Secret of the Trade, What Drink Does For a Man. Outstanding cartoons drawn by the famous John T. McCutcheon (who also did humorous postcards (see Sale 7 - Us Postcards) (5 pages)
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