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Great Inventions

TIME ALARM - Patent Applied for on November 16, 1907.

A Wet Start To The Morning!

....My invention relates to alarms for waking a person out of sleep, and the objects of my invention are, first, to have an alarm sound at a predetermined time and the action of the alarm to open a valve which will permit water to flow on the person sleeping, second, to provide a perforated hose to direct water to the neck of a person: third to arrange mechanism whereby the alarm can be used alone; fourth, to make a device, which will wake any person; fifth, to make a simple, cheap and durable device and other objects to become apparent from the description to follow.....

In operation the loop of the hose is placed about the neck of the person; the arm (11) is moved around until its free end is caught and retained by the catch (15); water is placed into the cup (7) and the clock alarm is set for the desired time in the usual manner. At the appointed time the clock alarm will sound, the winding stem turning in a reverse direction, i.e. clockwise as view in Fig.2; the lever (22) will contact with and move the arm (11) a sufficient distance to release the catch (15) from the end of the arm (11); the spring (17) will then turn the valve (6) to an open position and the water from the cup (7) will flow through the hose (8) and out of the perforations (9). (Direct Quotes from Patent)

HAT WITHOUT HEADACHES - Patent Applied for on May 10, 1913.

....The objects of the invention are, to provide a hat which will permit of free circulation of air entirely around and over the head of the wearer, thus to prevent headaches, caused by the weight and close fitting of the ordinary hat; to allow free movements of the head of the wearer independently of the hat; to afford unobstructed exhibition of the ornamentation and trimming of the wearer's hair and of the hat; to remove all weight from the head and transfer it to the shoulders of the user; to render it possible to employ a hat of such size as to avoid the use of a parasol or umbrella, and yet not in any way inconvenience the user by an added weight of material; to adapt a hat to be constructed of any material desired, such, for instance, as waterproof fabric, whereby to extend the range of its usefuness; to constuct the article in such manner as to render it at once light, cheap and durable; and in general, to furnish a novel and thoroughly practical articles of head-wear....

for storm use, a rubber bag or covering may be employed, which may be placed over the exterior of the hat or the frame itself may be covered with a waterproof material and thus provide and effective shield against moisture..... (Direct Quote from Patent)

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