"November, 1868 - Circular - Railroad Tax - JAS. Thompson - Hampton, Iowa."

Picture (1183) November, 1868 - Circular - Railroad Tax - JAS. Thompson - Hampton, Iowa. - Condition: Very Good This circular was distributed by JAS. Thompson. It is one page long and discusses the high taxes for the current year. It explains that the General Assembly of the State of Iowa passed a law empowering townships, cities or towns through which a Railroad is or may be built, to levy a Tax not exceed five percent of the valuation of the taxable property of the same for the purpose of aiding in the building of said Railroad. The circular then discusses the new Railroad Company and its plans to build a railroad from Ackley, Hampton, Mason City and Northwood, to Intersect with a Railroad in Minnesota. The rest of the circular discusses the progress of the Railroad and more explanation of the Tax involved. It has been folded to fit an envelope. Page measures 4 1/2" by 8 1/2".

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