1897 to 1922 Referee's Deed - Mortgage Case - Ontario County.

(499) 1897 to 1922 Referee's Deed - Mortgage Case - Ontario County. -Condition: Very Good. Document has darkened a little. Inside looks very good. This is a legal document that folds out to measure 8 1/4" by 13". On the outside of when folded it is Titled : Referee's Deed in Mortgage Case. Dwight B. Backenstose as Referee to William D. Bailey. It was signed on June 13, 1922 in NY. The first page when unfolded is entitled: This Indenture. The information filled in on this page was done on October 8, 1897. It mentions an action pending in court with Mary N Rice? (Members of the Rice family are noted in the 1790 Census for Ontario County, NY.)Plaintiff against ?P Venning and several other people. All of this is hand written into the blanks. When that page is lifted up, there is a handwritten description of property involved and includes a cemetary as part of the boundary of the property. Dwight B. Backenstose, Geneva, son of Frederick T. and Leah (Kipp) Backenstose, was born in Benton, Yates county, December 24, 1846. He attended the public schools of Geneva, and in 1868 graduated from the law department of the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, and practiced his profession there since that time. He was one of the leading lawyers of Ontario county, and was elected member of assembly in 1877. He was a Republican, and took an active part in political affairs. In 1876 he married Lillie C., daughter of Arthur W. Foote, of Brooklyn, N. Y. Price: $On Auction + shipping.

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