Lux Toilet Soap - 16 Screen Stars - 1929 Pictorial Review.

(203)ADVERTISEMENT: Lux Toilet Soap - 16 Screen Stars. - 1929 Pictorial Review. - Condition: Very Good - B&W; Full Page. 11" x 13". Photos of 16 famous screen stars including, Bebe Daniels, Lupe Valez, Janet Gaynor, Joan Crawford, Marion Davies, Easter Ralston, Dorothy Mckaill, Anne Nilsson, Billie Dove, Louise Brooks, Clara Bow, Nancy Caroll, Corinne Griffith, Renee Adoree, Mary Brian, and Eleanor Boardman. Under each photo is their hair color, their Studio Name, and a testimony to Lux Toilet Soap. Very unusual to have so many actresses on one ad! Caption reads "Blondes - Brunettes - Redheads" (Scan does not show complete page). Price: $6.00 + shipping.

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