"February, 1967 - Motion Picture."

(1470) February, 1967 - Motion Picture. -Condition: Good Cover is a photo of Jackie O and Carolyn and John when they were small. Title article is "How Jackie's Children Keep Her From Marrying. Contains the following Articles: Billy Graham led Hayley Mills back to God, Sinatra In Wild Fury over Mia's Late Hours, Sheila's Hot Headlines (Gossip), Rona Barret's Private Line (Gossip), Eddie Sues Liz So He Can Marry Connie, Sandra Dee Article, Exclusive photos of Elvis and Brides Hidaway, Lyn Loring and Roy Thinnes, Large Photos of Raquel Welch, Ryan O'Neil, Rock Hudson, Phyliss Diller, Lucy Baines Johnson, and more. All articles are full of B&W and Colored Photos. Pages have darkened and the cover shows some water damage. Magazine measures 8 1/2" by 11" and has 92 pages. Price: $6.50 + shipping.

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