"Check - The Bank of North Collins- New York - April 26, 1897. Seneca Nation"

Picture(1978) Check - The Bank of North Collins- New York - April 26, 1897. - Condition: Excellant This check is from the Seneca Nation of Indians. It is filled out and signed by T. F. Jamerson, Jr. who was the treasurer of the Seneca Nation. The check was made out to Rebecca Harris for the amount of $1.40. She endorsed the check on the back. The Seneca Nation of Indians is the largest of six Native American nations in New York State which comprised the Iroquois Confederacy or Six Nations, a democratic government that pre-dates the United States Constitution. They are known as "Keeper of the Western Door". An article in the Buffalo Express Newspaper on May 26, 1897 states that Mr. Jamerson was newly elected president of the Seneca Nation. He was in Buffalo meeting about the Nation's inquiry as to the title of the Seneca Church and Indian Burial ground in that city. It was stated that he was to be inaugurated as president at the council house the following Tuesday. Rebecca Harris was listed as a resident of the Cattaraugus Indian Reservation in 1890. The check measures 7 1/2" by 3".

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