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Picture (254) Billhead: E.A. Sumner Coal Co. in Worcester - 1885-Condition: Good + Small tear in upper right corner, and 2 folds. Decorative Bill Head that was a receipt marked paid. Price: $7.00 + Shipping.

Picture (550) 1907 - Standard Oil Company - Columbia, South Carolina.Condition: Good Plus Page has darkened. This is a typed and printed Billhead from the Standard Oil Company. It was written on Dec. 14, 1907 and sent to Summerton Hardware Co. It states that that the Hardware's Account is Past Due for Sept.9th and 30th, and asks that a check for $61.12 be sent. It is signed by E.S. Players with the title of Special Agent. For information on the History of the Standard Oil Co. which was founded by John D. Rockefeller visit Standard Oil History Price: $7.50 + Shipping.

Picture (903) Sept.18, 1909 - Standard Pennsylvania Charcoal - To Granite State Charcoal Co. - Concord, N.H. Condition: Very Good Page has been folded. Hand Written Bill for $2.70. Top has nice Script. Half Page - Small Size Price: $4.50 + Shipping.

Picture (982) Sept.16, 1911 - Penn Coal & Ice Co. - Dealers in Coal, Wood, Ice, Etc. - South Bethlehem, PA. Condition: Very Good Page has been folded. Hand Written Bill for $1.50 Top has nice Vignette of a figure that looks like Benjamin Franklin. Made out to Harry Shiff. Half Page - Small Size. Penn Coal & Ice was not incorporated until March 12, 1918. Harry Shiff (Schiff) arrived in Bethlehem in 1890 with his brother Charles. Price: On Auction + Shipping.

Picture (1083) December 1, 1875 - J.R. Manderfield & Son - Coal - Philadelphia - Billhead. Condition: Very Good Billhead measures 8 1/2" by 4 1/2". This bill was printed on pink paper and mentions that it pays Particular Attention to the Delivery of Family Coal. It is handwritten and includes an order for one ton of stove coal. Price: $10.00 + Shipping.

Picture (1318) Circa 1920's - Gulf Refining Company - Atlanta - Letterhead. Condition: Good Plus Letterhead measures 8" by 11". This informational letter was sent out to advertise the quality of their oil. It includes the following topics - What Oil Really Costs You, Supreme Auto Oil gives perfect lubrication, How it is made and many more facts. For information on the History of the Gulf Refining Co. which was founded in 1901 in Texas, visit Gulf Refining History Price: $7.00 + Shipping.

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