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Picture (71) BOOK: Home Sweet Home - 1949 - By Clare Barnes, Jr. -Condition: Good - Humerous book using B&W animal photos with amusing captions having to do with Daily Life at Home. Paper Back Edition. The Book Measures 6 1/2" by 8 3/4" and has over 72 pages. Outside spine has peeling. Cover has scraped areas and a bent corner Inside pages intact. Some yellowing. Price: $6.00 + shipping.

Picture (461)The Boy Chief - by Reid Whitly - The Captain Series - Circa 1929.-Condition: Very Good There is no dust jacket, however cover is done very well with colorful illustration. The Corners are bent a little. The First 2 pages show some foxing. One strange fact about this book is that it is signed on the first page - To Dear Hugh with_____ love. Jan 28th 1829. A strange mistake to make in the date. The other unusual aspect of this book are the pages themselves. They are as thick as cardboard. There are 95 pages. The book states in the back that it was printed in Great Britain, and on the front lists offices all over the world. Interesting book all around! Price: $8.50 + shipping.

Picture (462) 1958 - The Sea - The Golden Library of Knowledge - From Life Magazine.-Condition: Very Good. Spine shows some wear on the outer paper. The rest of cover is good, and the pages are all tight and in very good shape. There is writing on inside page - Tony Owen Patterson, December 25, 1958. This book is one of a series printed by the Golden Library of Knowledge. It is full of beautiful colored photos of undersea life. The cover is hard cardboard with a shiny finish. The book contains 56 pages.Price: $5.50 + shipping.

Picture (533) Whitman Classic - Tom Sawyer - Mark Twain.- Condition: Very Good. Hard back with plastic coating. Front of book illustrated. Page edges done with green. Book measures 6" by 8" and has 284 pages. There are a few B&W illustrations throughout the book. Price: $8.00 + shipping.

Picture (892) The Kid's World Almanac of Records and Facts - 1985 - By: Margo McLoone-Basta and Alice Siegel - Hardback -Condition: Excellent A Weekly Reader Book Club book. This interesting book full of fascinating facts includes chapters on: Amusement Centers, Animals the World Over, Buildings, communications, Computers, Robots, and Videos, Food, Medicine, People, Transportation, The Universe, The World and Weather. The Book measures 5 1/4" by 8" and has 92 pages. There are many B&W illustrations throughout. No dustcover, but cover of book is in excellent condition. Price: $4.50 + shipping.

Picture (926) Family Circus - Who Invented Rain? - 1986 (First Ballantine Book's Edition - By: Bil Keane - Softback -Condition: Good A wonderful Family Circus full of the gentle humor we have all grown to love! Book has been lovingly read, but pages are tight and cover is good. There is a name written on the inside cover. Price: $3.00 + shipping.

Picture (927) Better Bowling For Boys - 1963 - By: David C. Cooke - Hardback -Condition: Very Good Even though this was a Middle School Library Book it is in wonderful condition. A wonderful Period Look at the early sixties...with some great B&W Photos of boys bowling. The white socks are really cool! Book includes all kind of tips about becoming a great bowler! The book has a library cover, and has the initials WD written on the inside page. This is a wonderful trip back to the 60's! There are 64 pages and the book measures 9/12" by 7". Price: $5.00 + shipping.

PicturePicture (1491) Our Cattle - 1948 - Illustrated By: Lionel Edwards - Puffin Book - Soft Back -Condition: Very Good This book was published in England and is beautifully illustrated with many varieties of cattle that were in England and other countries at the time. Interesting note: the cover shows longhorn cattle which states it is one of the oldest domesticated breeds in Britain. The book is full of information and beautiful illustrations. There are 25 pages and the book measures 8/12" by 7". Price: $7.00 + shipping.

Picture (1621) Seasame Street 1,2,3 Story Book - - Copyright 1973 - Hard Back. -Condition: Very Good Stories about the Numbers from 1 to 10. Wonderful book in the delightful style of Seasame Street. Contains all of the lovable characters from the earlier years! Wonderfully illustrated! Book measures 8" by 11" and has 63 pages. Price: $7.00 + shipping.

Picture (1623) Little Golden Book - Frosty the Snowman - Copyright 1992. -Condition: Good Plus A cute story about the adventures of the beloved Frosty The Snowman. Book measures 6 1/2" by 8" and has 24 pages. Price: $3.00 + shipping.

Picture (1624) Big Little Golden Book - The Pandas Take a Vacation - Copyright 1986. -Condition: Good Plus A cute story about a panda bear family on vacation. Book measures 8" by 8 1/2" and has 22 pages. This is an oversized Golden Book. Price: $4.00 + shipping.

Picture (1625) D. J. Macaw's Joke Book - - Copyright 1985 - Hard Back - Weekly Reader Book. -Condition: Very Good Wonderful book full of school, animal, food, monster, sports, family jokes, and silly riddles. Book measures 6 1/4" by 8 3/4" and has 40 pages. Price: $4.00 + shipping.

Picture (1628) Lion Family - Jane Goodall - Copyright 1991 - Hard Back. -Condition: Very Good This beautiful little book was given away by Shell Gas Stations. It contains a story and wonderful colored photos of a lion family in Africa. Book measures 6 3/4" by 6" and has 28 pages. Price: $5.00 + shipping.

PicturePicture (1680) Tip Top Comic Book - Charlie Brown, The Captain, and Nancy - Dell. -Condition: Very Good In heatsealed plastic bag. It is from the late 50's or early 60's. It was issued August to October and says it is still ten cents. Book measures 7" by 10".

Picture (1680) Aquaman - Superman Comics - June No. 3 - 1962 (First Series). -Condition: Very Good In heatsealed plastic bag. Three part thriller featuring Aquaman - "The Aquaman from Atlantis!" Written by Bob Haney and illustrated by Nick Cardy. Book measures 7" by 10". Price: $8.00 + shipping.

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