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Reverend Henry Strong Huntington Papers.

Henry S. Huntington Family Papers.

(Huntington Group)

The Reverend Henry Strong Huntington (1836-1920) was a Congregational Minister in New Hampshire, Illinois, Maine, and Massachusetts. A collection of his family's letters and papers is housed at the Yale University Divinity Library Special Collections. Reverend Huntington was married to Mary Lawrence Herbert (1841-1924?). He graduated from Yale College in 1857 and from Andover Theological Seminary in 1862. From 1863 to 1872 Reverend Huntington was a minister at the Congretional Church in Warner, NH. He married Mary Herbert in 1870. From 1872 to 1876 he was minister at the First Church of Galesburg, IL. The Reverend and Mary had six children, four of whom were involved in Mission Work in Turkey. Mary Lawrence (Herbert) Peabody, Mary Huntington's aunt was also a missionary to Turkey in the mid-nineteenth century. This collection of Reverend Huntington's papers includes fifteen items. Each item is described below with links to photos of the item.

Price includes all fifteen papers. When ordering these items please request the HUNTINGTON GROUP.

Price: $240.00 - ***FREE Shipping***.

How to Order

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